Farewell Yellow Brick Road: Elton John Concludes Record-Breaking Tour with Emotional Final Show in Stockholm

After an extraordinary 50-year musical journey, Elton John bid adieu to touring with a spectacular event at Tele2 Arena in Sweden, marking the conclusion of his historic ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour’. The Stockholm performance, the 330th show of the tour, encapsulated the profound connection between the iconic artist and his unwavering fans.

Expressing his gratitude, John acknowledged the unwavering support of his dedicated fans who stood by him throughout the years, displaying their loyalty and unwavering presence at every final show. The Stockholm concert was an enchanting affair, leaving John in awe of the magical experience.

Having embarked on a continuous touring spree since 1970, Elton John mesmerized audiences in nearly 80 countries with around 4,600 shows. In 2017, the Grammy Award winner decided to conclude his touring career after one final tour, allowing him to prioritize quality time with his family.

During his farewell tour, a heartfelt tribute was paid by Coldplay through a live video link-up. Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay, expressed deep appreciation for John’s significant contributions, including his support for the AIDS Foundation and the LGBTQ+ community.


The grand finale in Stockholm witnessed an unforgettable setlist, featuring timeless hits like “Bennie and the Jets,” “Rocket Man,” “Tiny Dancer,” “Philadelphia Freedom,” and “Your Song.” As the music reached its climactic end, Elton John played his iconic anthem, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” leaving the crowd awestruck.

Expressing his fondness and appreciation, John thanked his bandmates and assured fans that they would cross paths again in the future. A touching video created by a devoted fan member captured John’s heartfelt message, reassuring everyone that while he would cherish their memories, he would soon reunite with his beloved fans.

The conclusion of Elton John’s ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour’ in Stockholm marked the end of an era, a bittersweet farewell to touring, and a celebration of an extraordinary musical legacy.”

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